Delay Compensation on Fuzzy Trajectory Tracking Control of Omni-Directional Mobile Robots

International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Volume 45 - Number 2

Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: This paper presents a delay compensator fuzzy control for trajectory tracking of omni-directional mobile robots. Fuzzy logic control (FLC) of the robots is a suitable strategy for dealing with model uncertainties, nonlinearities and disturbances. On the other hand, in many robotic applications such as mobile robots, delay phenomenon is able to substantially deteriorate the behavior of system's performance if not considered in the controller design. In this work, a delay compensator strategy is employed in order to eliminate the influence of dead time problem. On the other hand, a discrete-time kinematic model is presented for high level control of SSL soccer robots. Also, the model uncertainties are considered as multiplicative parameters and external random disturbances are noticed as additive parameters. The simulation experiments as well as real system experiments demonstrate that the proposed method handles both constant time delay and uncertainties with a small tracking error in comparison with pure fuzzy control.
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